Have you ever asked yourself why some people seem to overcome challenging life events so much easier than others?

Maybe you have a friend diagnosed with a severe illness, but she is still a happy and satisfied person. Or perhaps there is somebody you know that lost her job? And instead of becoming depressed about her loss, she decided to take on the risk and opened her own successful business.

Some people seem to get stronger, smarter, and more successful with each challenge they have to face while other people – maybe you – struggle, suffer and get stuck in their misery.

What can we do about that? We can learn how to become more resilient.

Why is it so essential in life to be resilient? 

You probably have heard this quote before, “The only constant in life is change.” Everything changes all the time. Our age. Our health. Our environment. The people we meet. The interests we have. Opinions we have.

Change is just something we have to live with. And of course, not every change is a pleasant one, so the more we can adapt and respect it, the more comfortable life gets.

What do resilient people do when facing change?

They see change as a challenge as everyone else does. But they accept the challenge as it is, and they can adapt well to it. They handle it positively and constructively.

Resilient people use challenges as a chance and an opportunity to learn, grow, and to move forward from there.

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