We know different kinds of resilience: mental, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual resilience. All of them are equally important, and all of them can be improved in different ways. 

Mental strength can be improved by learning and developing acceptance-based coping styles (e.g. meditation) that help deal with psychological stressors and challenges. 

By adopting and sustaining a healthy lifestyle and healthy behaviours, physical resilience can be built. It’s also essential here to learn how to pay attention to your needs and your feelings. 

If you want to improve your spiritual resilience, you need to know your honest personal beliefs, principles, and values, and you need to follow them. 

Then we have the social aspect that you can strengthen by building and cultivating a real and supportive network of other people. 

And finally, there is emotional resilience. Learn how to identify, understand, and act on internal prompts with the right amount of emotions. That means without suppressing them or overacting. 

To make life as balanced and healthy as possible, we aim for holistic resilience with strong skills in all areas. As with any other skills, resilience skills are abilities we can practice, train, and improve. It just needs practice, patience, and persistence.  

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