What if I am doing it wrong? These are common questions, usually asked by people that are unfortunately afraid of making mistakes. Meditation is not open-heart surgery, so there is no need to be scared of making mistakes. But still, people are worried. They are afraid of meditating the “wrong way.”

Those worries usually come up when a meditation practitioner had a specific experience during their meditation practice or when somebody heard about somebody else’s “concerning” experience. 

There are three scenarios you can think of:

  • The first one – too much happened during meditation: Specific struggles that came up – unpleasant feelings, emotions, sensations. It was just too much to handle, too overwhelming. 
  • Then we have the complete opposite: Nothing happened or changed. Or at least nothing noticeable changed. The meditation practitioner feels the same way they did before meditating.
  • And the third scenario: Something unexpected came up or happened; the practitioner did not see it coming and was not prepared for it. 

We, as human beings, are unfortunately pretty quick in putting labels on experiences. So if something during meditation does not feel right, it is automatically “bad.” If something unexpected came up, the whole meditation went “wrong.” 

There is that beautiful concept in meditation that we don’t judge and put labels on meditation experiences. Judging is for judges! We don’t judge ourselves, and we don’t judge others. 

All the struggles, the specific emotions, feelings, and sensations that come up during meditation, come up for a reason. They are valuable. And it does not matter if they are pleasant or not. There is no right or wrong, and there is no good or bad in meditation. There is just you and your unique experience. 

Meditation is a never-ending transformative process. It is impossible to predict its outcome. So having expectations is a waste of energy and time, and it is not helpful on a meditation journey. It does not bring you anywhere. 

There is one meditation, though, that you can do wrong indeed – the one you don’t try. 

For a regular meditation practice, you need to find something that works for you. And the only way to find that something is by trying. There are so many approaches to meditation, techniques, schools, and traditions that there is something for everyone – also for you!

Look for something that works for you, and that benefits you. Once you have found it, you will know that it is the right way to meditate for you.

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