Who teaches meditation? Would you be surprised if I told you that you are your only best and real teacher? You are the captain of your ship! And as the captain of your ship, you decide how far you want to go on your journey and how fast you want to travel. Your intuition is your compass here. You just have to learn how to read it and how to follow it.



  • your journey
  • your path
  • your decision
  • your intuition
  • your compass
  • your truth
  • your life

If you look for guidance on your meditation journey, look for someone who understands and respects your needs, wishes, background, lifestyle, abilities, and boundaries. Look for that one person that makes the right suggestions just at the right time instead of giving you only general advice, instructions or fixed solutions. If you feel unseen, unheard, or misunderstood, you probably are. 

Meditation guides are human beings, too, like everyone else. Try different guides until you have found the one that is the right fit for you. We only can evolve and grow with people we can have healthy and honest relationships with. And, of course, you can have more than one meditation guide.

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Are you new to meditation and identify as female? Find out what else you must know before starting meditation

Meditation doesn’t have to be complicated. Start today with some prep-tips to avoid disappointment and frustration.

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