The biggest mistake you can make with meditation – except for being afraid of making mistakes – is to stop trying


If you have tried before to establish a meditation practice but ran into some obstacles or issues, something didn’t feel right, and something didn’t work for you, you probably experienced a lot of frustration and disappointment. 


You finally gave up your practice because it was uncomfortable, maybe even painful. And I understand that. Sticking with an awkward routine that doesn’t make sense at first glance … doesn’t make sense.


It’s hard to believe that it is worth sticking with a meditation practice even if it doesn’t feel right initially. It needs practice, patience, and persistence. Meditation results don’t show up overnight. 


Just think of all the skills you have learnt during your lifetime: reading, writing, driving your car, cooking, sewing, and walking.


Did you give up in the beginning? I am pretty sure it felt uncomfortable, maybe painful, too. 


You didn’t give up. You kept going until you could do it, until you gained new knowledge and new skills. If you think meditation doesn’t work for you, that’s ok. But I want you to add a little word – meditation doesn’t work for you, YET.


And that can have many, many different reasons. If you desire to become a regular, serious meditation practitioner, you have to come back, and you have to keep trying. The biggest mistake you can make with meditation is to stop trying. The biggest mistake you can make is to give up. It’s worth sticking with it and seeing where the journey takes you. 

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